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Planning Your Wedding

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are very excited to be part of your plans. The following information has been compiled to help make your shopping experience a joy with no added stress.

Call or make an appointment. Because we realize that your time is valuable, we don't want you to have an excessive waiting time. (Sometimes, a short wait occurs when a bride needs a little more of her consultants time, but you will also be given that special individual touch).

Come with an idea of the type of gown you are looking for. Bring some magazine or Internet pictures. However, have an open mind and let our experienced consultants guide you. Some gowns with very little hanger appeal look wonderful on a real body and some wonderful looking gowns may not be suitable to your body type. Many of our brides have found their perfect gown by trusting their consultant.

Come with a budget in mind. We will help you be a beautiful bride in any price range. Bring along someone who can help you make a decision. Your mother, or a truly good friend whose opinion you value, but don't bring too many people along. Too many contradictory opinions often only end up confusing the bride. You may want to prescreen the gowns and only bring an audience for your final buying decision. Be prepared to say YES when you find your perfect dress.

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – it probably is! Only order your gown from an authorized retailer. There are many copy houses that feature their inferior gowns online, even using the same pictures as the real designers to trick the public. Don't get caught in the scam...order your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses only from an authorized retailer. You can always find authorized retailers listed on the designers websites. The peace of mind and security of ordering from an authorized retailer far outweighs the savings and headaches you receive when you order online. Finding your dream dress should be a wonderful memory, not a horrible nightmare.

Start shopping as soon as you have set your wedding date. Limit the number of shops that you visit in one day. You want to make sure that you can remember the gowns you love. Don't get white blindness and thoroughly confused. As soon as you have found your dream gown, plan on ordering it without delay. Usually a 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed. If time permits, layaway plans can be provided. Wedding gowns take approximately 4-6 months to order. (However, our gowns are always available to purchase right out of stock if you are planning a short engagement.) Also plan to allow time for any alterations that may be needed to ensure that your gown fits perfectly. Remember our goal is no stress!

Allow two to three months to order your headpiece, veil and accessories. However, it is best to order these at the same time you order your gown. This ensures that all items will coordinate perfectly and allows you extra time to use your headpiece to practice your perfect hairstyle.

Bridesmaids gowns. It is best to order all your bridesmaids gowns at the same store. This will ensure that the color ordered will come fr7m the same dye lot. Don't take all your maids shopping to help find the perfect dress. Remember everyone has different tastes and it may sometimes be difficult to get everyone to agree on the same dress in the same color. We know each bride wants to please their bridesmaids, but remember, the final choice should always belong to the bride. Preselect your dress choice and register it with out trained bridesmaid consultants, then have your bridesmaids either come in to be measured or call us with their measurements (if they live out of town.)

Do realize that bridal and bridesmaids gowns are sized differently than ready-to-wear clothes. Don't be surprised if you have to order one or two sizes larger than normal. After you or your maids are measured, we will utilize the designers size chart and together we will choose a size that is most appropriate for your body measurements and the style of gown you have chosen. Remember, gowns are not made to measure. We will order the standard size closest to your body measurements. When deciding between sizes, keep in mind that in the months before the gown arrives, you may gain or not lose weight, and it is easier to take in a gown than to let it out. A body typ;es do vary, so will the fit on each gown. Girls under 5' 7" should expect their gowns to need shortening. For your convenience, we do provide many extremely competent and experienced seamstresses to alter your gowns.

It has been our pleasure to help with these tips.
We look forward to being a part of your wonderful wedding planning.